Senior Scientist in Biologics- Antibody generation


Biologics department of BeiGene is dedicated to the discovery and development of novel therapeutic monoclonal antibodies for oncology indications. We are seeking senior scientist who have M.S. training in antibody technology or B.S. with antibody-related experience to support cancer drug discovery.




  • Design and arrange experiments independently
  • 独立设计并安排实验
  • Construct expression plasmid using the transient expression vector and express protein in mammalian system
  • 使用瞬时表达载体构建蛋白表达质粒,并在哺乳动物表达系统中表达蛋白。
  • Immunize mouse or other strain of animals
  • 免疫接种小鼠或其他种属动物
  • Run hybridoma fusion, screening and subcloning
  • 完成杂交瘤细胞融合、筛选和亚克隆
  • Analyze the sequences of candidate antibodies
  • 分析候选抗体的序列
  • Perform antibody humanization and engineering
  • 进行抗体的人源化和工程改造
  • Collect and summarize experimental results
  • 收集整理并总结实验数据及结果



  • S. degree in antibody technology, cell biology, molecular biology or B.S. with antibody-related experience is required.
  • 要求具有抗体技术、细胞生物学、分子生物学研究背景的理科硕士学历或具有相关抗体制备工作经验的理科学士学历。
  • Hands-on experience in antibody technology lab work such as immunization, cell fusion, ELISA, FACS and Western is highly preferred.
  • 优先考虑在动物免疫、细胞融合、ELISA、FACS和Western等方面有实际操作经验者。
  • Familiar with Biacore, recombinant protein expression in mammalian system and antibody humanization and engineering will be appreciated.
  • 熟悉Biacore、哺乳动物系统表达重组蛋白及抗体人源化和工程改造。
  • This position may work together with cellular function screening group, protein production group and protein bioanalytical group.
  • 该职位可能会与细胞功能筛查组、蛋白质生产组级蛋白质分析组一起工作。
  • Good literature skill in antibody technology and cancer drug discovery.
  • 良好的抗体技术及抗肿瘤药物相关的文献查阅能力。
  • Strong sense of responsibility, communication skill and good team spirit.
  • 具有强烈的责任感、良好的沟通能力和团队合作精神。

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