Transform the biotechnology industry, creating impactful medicines that will be affordable and accessible to far more cancer patients around the world. 


Build the first next-generation biotechnology company — one that expands the highest quality therapies to billions more people — through courage, persistent innovation, and challenging the status quo. 

We have an organization full of wonderful, talented and passionate people and I think one of the things that you will realize and recognize is, you know we really believe that we can change the world and we believe we’re doing something that’s special.

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John V. Oyler, Chairman, Co-Founder & CEO


All Patients First. Striving to improve the health and well-being of all patients, regardless of location or income

Transformational Mindset — Challenging the Status Quo. Embracing innovative ways of doing things at all levels, and stretching our minds to accomplish things that others thought were impossible

Sense of Urgency, With Commitment to Quality and Compliance. Maintaining our sense of urgency and agility with a relentless dedication to quality and compliance, with a commitment to continuous improvement

Regional and Functional Teamwork. Creating superior teamwork through open, authentic communication and respect for individual differences to enable excellence cross-functionally and around the world

Global Capabilities, Local Expertise. Operating at the highest global standards, while understanding and respecting the value and importance of local expertise

Effective Non-Hierarchical Decision-Making. Involving inclusively the appropriate people; communicating openly and transparently, listening actively, considering all options; articulating a scientific/logic-based decision; and aligning to support decisions made

Individual Growth. Creating an environment, built on diversity and inclusion, in which all employees have an opportunity to grow professionally, affect the world meaningfully, and build lifelong friendships with exceptional people


How we get things done is just as important as what we accomplish — we operate with an unwavering commitment to compliance, ethics, and integrity, and always treat fellow colleagues with respect and dignity