Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Our Authentic Selves – BeiGene’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEI&B) Mission Statement

At BeiGene our company has no borders, and our values reflect this unique diversity. Whether we are developing critical medicines or acknowledging world events, BeiGene is dedicated to ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything we do. Together, we are committed to fostering a workplace that embraces these values.  

Every day, we cultivate an environment that reflects and supports the diverse communities of patients we serve globally. We support and encourage the unique qualities that each person brings to BeiGene, and we recognize the urgency in elevating and analyzing our principles in support of social justice and equality for all.  

Our culture celebrates and encourages the voices of all our employees and promotes a respectful, collaborative environment. BeiGene’s diverse workforce enhances our ability to compete, innovate, and deliver results in our commitment to transforming the biotechnology industry by creating impactful medicines that are affordable and accessible to patients around the world. 

A Culture of Belonging – BeiGene’s IDEA Council

As a global organization composed of employees of various backgrounds and cultures, we understand that the sharing of diverse ideas and perspectives spurs greater innovation and enhances our ability to deliver results. We celebrate these differences and encourage colleagues to share their voices and perspectives to foster a culture of understanding and mutual respect. We also prohibit discrimination or harassment in the workplace on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, race, disability, age, religious belief, sexual orientation, nationality, or family status.

In 2020, we formed the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Awareness (IDEA) Council to provide a forum for employees to explore issues of DEI&B. The council has helped advance our DEI&B strategy in three areas: leadership culture; recruitment and retention; and metrics and infrastructure. Introduced first in the U.S., the IDEA Council is now global, with members in geographies including Canada, Europe, China, and Australia.

The group continues to work together and advise on the development of a 3-year global DEI&B strategy.

Coffee and Conversations

Each month, BeiGene hosts one-hour Coffee and Conversations forums, open to all colleagues in the Americas, Europe, and New Markets, on a different subject related to DEI&B. Topics have included Women’s History Month, Black History Month, Pride, Asian Pacific Heritage, Neurodiversity, among others. They begin with an overview of the topic and often include panelists who share personal stories to broaden colleague understanding of diversity issues. We end the sessions with open discussion and colleagues from all levels participate, including our CEO.

Coffee conversations have been so successful because they allow individuals in our organization to share their personal stories. This makes equity and inclusion issues real and relatable and forces listeners to consider these issues and their own behavior in a new way.

Sandy Cheng, Senior Director, Talent Development and Inclusion

Our Commitment to Pay Equity

BeiGene is firmly committed to equal pay for equal work. As a pay-for-performance company committed to pay equity, we continue to embed policies, principles, and practices of equity and inclusion across our processes, employee life cycle, and culture. Consistent with our BeiGene promise statement to address systemic injustices and inequities, we continue to fairly compensate our employees based on the work that they perform.

As part of this commitment, BeiGene periodically undertakes internal pay equity reviews. BeiGene is proud that these analyses undertaken in 2021 revealed no systemic pay equity issues. With a dynamic business and rapidly growing workforce, we will continue to review our processes going forward to ensure that all employees are paid fairly and equitably.

United Nations Global Compact & Gender Parity

BeiGene has officially become a member of the UN Global Compact, a voluntary initiative to implement universal sustainability principles and to take steps to support UN Goals. This is an important public step to support progress against society’s challenges through principled business. Joining the Global Compact is a reflection of BeiGene’s values and aligns well with our fundamental vision of bringing highly impactful and affordable medicines more broadly to people. As BeiGene grows its enterprise and reputation across geographies, we aim to do so sustainably and in partnership with the global public health community. This benefits both society and our long-term success.

As a global organization, BeiGene is aligned with the UN’s sustainable development goals. Specific to global gender parity, BeiGene will be supporting the UN’s Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP) which provides a strong framework to support companies when striving for gender equality in the workplace, marketplace, and community. Please stay tuned to hear more about goals to be announced in the upcoming ESG report to be launched in 2023 around U.S. workforce diversity at management levels, global gender parity (particularly at VP level & above), and Board diversity composition. More to come!