Xiaojian Liu

World Traveler with Global Impact

Meet Xiaojian! Xiaojian Liu is an Associate Director of Global Clinical Operations at BeiGene. But global isn’t just part of her job title—it also describes her travels and passions.

Xiaojian has always been interested in experiencing and learning from different cultures. So much so, in fact, that three years into the “working world” and before joining BeiGene, she decided to take a year-long break to travel around the world.

She set off by car from China, sometimes driving 900 km (559 miles) a day and sleeping in gas station parking lots (as recommended by her Lonely Planet guidebook). Xiaojian drove through the massive expanse of Russia and into the Nordic countries, soaking in the changing landscapes, shifts in weather and climate, and interacting with the local people every step of the way.

*In the image Xiaojian Liu enjoys a peaceful moment by the water in Bali, Indonesia.


From staying with friends in Finland to strolling the streets of Paris, she embraced every experience. When she reached Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, she shipped her car home and hopped on a plane to Iceland. She marveled at the black-sand beaches before boarding a flight to New York City, where she found and enjoyed “the second most traditional Chinese food” outside of her home country.

The Big Apple was the start of another cross-continent road trip, from the Appalachians through the Rocky Mountains, wrapping up in San Francisco.

*On the road again. On a 2018 trip, Xiaojian Liu enjoys the view near Mount McKinley in Alaska.


These experiences gave Xiaojian a deeper appreciation of what “global” means in her day-to-day work. When she returned from her travels, Xiaojian worked in drug development and spent some time in the diagnostic field before deciding drug development was her calling and coming to BeiGene.

“I was attracted to BeiGene because of the company’s global perspective,” Xiaojian says. “We’re fully committed to bringing better treatment options to more patients worldwide. My role involves managing a portfolio of clinical trials to identify innovative medicines that can get cancer patients back on their life path.”

Specifically, Xiaojian supports global drug registration, which is a key element in getting newly approved medicines to the patients who need them. BeiGene’s approach to global clinical trials includes internal clinical development, strong relationships with clinical sites around the world, and initiatives to improve clinical trial diversity. All of these efforts work together to bring innovative therapies to more people worldwide.

After a busy day working to help extend and improve the quality of life for cancer patients, Xiaojian likes to unwind with her family. She enjoys reading classic Chinese stories to her six-year-old son and visiting with her parents, who live next door.