Believe: Uniting Voices Against Cancer

At BeiGene, we believe in the power of storytelling. Each of us has our own lived experience and unique perspectives that we can honor and learn from—whether we are a patient, scientist, care partner, or advocate. Our voices individualize us. Together, our diverse voices unite and empower us against cancer.

We invite you to hear some of these voices and explore the stories below.

Our People

Meet the people of BeiGene, our leaders and our colleagues.

John V. Oyler

Our Co-founder, Chairman and CEO, John V. Oyler, describes the visionary goals and successes that have been at BeiGene’s core since its founding.

Peter Brenders

Peter Brenders, our General Manager in Canada, shares the mission that drives us at BeiGene.

Kelly Gallagher

Kelly Gallagher, Division Sales Manager, shares her passion for informing healthcare providers about the latest in cancer care.

Josh Neiman

Josh Neiman, our SVP Chief Commercial Officer in North America and Europe, shares our belief that cancer has no borders.

Dan Freeman & Sasha Kravitz

Global Product Team Leader, Dan Freeman and Chief of Staff to CCO, Sarah Kravitz share what motivates them to achieve health equity for patients with cancer.

Innovation With Urgency

Leading with science to make transformative medicines a reality today.

Mehrdad Mobasher

Our Chief Medical Officer in Hematology, Mehrdad Mobasher, M.D., M.P.H., describes the increasing rates of cancer cases and BeiGene’s commitment to unmet needs.

Javad Shahidi

Javad Shahidi, SVP Head of Biotech Unit, shares his pride in creating better treatment outcomes through BeiGene’s innovative research and development.

A Global Vision

Advancing equitable access to life-changing medicines for all patients.

John V. Oyler

Our Co-founder, Chairman and CEO, John V. Oyler, shares BeiGene’s vision of providing innovative cancer treatments to be proud of.

Shreya Jani

Shreya Jani, our SVP Corporate Affairs, shares her excitement in being able to deliver quality cancer care to low- and middle- income countries worldwide.

The Mind & Body

Elevating the intersection of cancer care and mental health support.

How important is your care team in helping you care for your mental health?

Featuring Susan, a caregiver for her husband with colon cancer, and other answers.

What challenges do caregivers face when coping with mental health and your loved one’s cancer diagnosis?

Featuring Lisa, a caregiver for her husband with blood cancer, and other answers.

How important is the role of mental health in coping with a cancer diagnosis?

Featuring Geoff, a patient with blood cancer, and other answers.

Cancer is Local

Partnering locally around the world to deliver for patients.

Max Foundation Partnership

Pat Garcia-Gonzalez, CEO of The Max Foundation, describes how BeiGene and Max are working together to help advance global health equity.

In Their Own Words

Hear from patients and care partners in CLL, WM and gastric cancers

Richard (ESCC patient)

Richard, a patient diagnosed with esophageal cancer, describes how he lives life with hope.

Christina (CLL patient)

Christina discusses being diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), her current hobbies, and her plans for the future.

Terry (CLL patient)

Terry shares his journey of living with chronic lymphocytic leukemia, or CLL, for the past 24 years.

Lisa (CLL caregiver)

Lisa reflects on her husband’s diagnosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia, or CLL, seven years ago, and how scientific advancements in treatment gives her hope.

Robert (WM patient)

Despite his diagnosis of Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia 11 years ago, Robert shares how, with treatment, it doesn’t limit his fitness goals or physical activity.

Your Story Is Important To Us!

Cancer is personal and each journey is unique. At BeiGene, we want to hear directly from cancer patients and care partners about their experiences so we can learn and elevate our collective voices.

Are you a Blood Cancer, Esophageal or Gastric Cancer patient who would like to share your story with BeiGene? If you are interested in sharing your story or talking with someone about your personal journey with cancer, please contact the BeiGene Patient Advocacy team.