Our Commitment to Patients

Our Commitment to Patients

Cancer has no borders. Neither do we.

At BeiGene, our core value is “patients first.” At BeiGene, we believe in putting patients first. Every day we strive to create high-quality, innovative medicines faster and more affordably for patients. It’s not enough for innovative drugs to simply exist. We want to make sure patients can access them. We work with cancer communities in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and around the globe to learn from patients, their families and their care partners to help improve their lives by identifying and addressing their unmet needs.

If you or someone you know is having trouble affording medication, talk to your healthcare provider about programs you may be eligible for that may help. Learn more about a BeiGene program that helps eligible patients access our medications.

Patient-Focused Drug Development & Clinical Trials

We believe in actively involving patients and care partners in our research and development process. This helps us understand the real-life needs and challenges that people living with cancer face. By gaining perspectives from patients and their care partners, we can design clinical trials to reflect their needs and with outcomes that matter to them.

We also strive to include diverse populations in our research endeavours, with representation for age, ethnicities, genders or LGBTIQA+ identities, abilities and geographies, wherever possible. Medications don’t always work the same for everyone, so studying outcomes in diverse patient groups can help us develop drugs that meet the needs of more patients.

To learn more, visit our Clinical Trials page where you can find out if you’re eligible to participate. Please consult with your doctor to discuss if a clinical trial is right for you.

Elevating Patient Needs Through Partnerships

As part of BeiGene’s mission to put patients first, we actively engage with patients and advocate partners to help elevate their voices and embrace their cancer journeys. We believe in partnering with the patient community to help meet the needs of cancer patients and their care partners. By supporting patient organizations, we help to support and co-create solutions that empower patients and help to improve health outcomes. Through that work, we not only support important programs, but also incorporate key learnings from patient communities into our strategies and decisions. Our goal is to continue to make our medicines more accessible to people impacted by cancer.

We believe in partnerships and innovative patient initiatives that can improve the lives of people living with and affected by cancer. Patient organizations are encouraged to contact patientadvocacy@beigene.com.

Disease Information

We believe in providing the latest disease and treatment information to help patients and their care partners understand and actively engage in treatment decisions with their healthcare providers. Here’s where you can learn more about our research in oncology.

Our Medicines

We are working to deliver high-quality, innovative and impactful medicines faster and more accessibly and affordably to patients around the world. Here’s where patients and care partners can find out more about the therapies we offer.

We provide educational materials for patients treated with our medicines. Click to learn more.