Strategy & Partnering at BeiGene

We are committed to partnering with the best minds in academia, biotech, and pharma around the world to bring the highest quality and most innovative therapies to billions more people. We team up with partners who share our patient-centric vision and our unwavering commitment to transformational science.

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Areas of Interest

We seek partners that have:

  • Differentiated assets in hematology-oncology and solid tumors;
  • I&I assets in diseases with high unmet needs;
  • Innovative technologies and clinical-stage assets;
  • Opportunities to access the large and growing market in China; and
  • Opportunities to establish or expand access in the U.S., Europe, and other markets

Partnering Capabilities

Our company was founded on a commitment to innovative science that benefits patients, and this remains a priority today. Our scale and ability to expedite clinical trials, allow us to work with partners to tackle an array of medical challenges, at various stages of product development and across the disease spectrum.

Global Clinical Leadership

We have demonstrated an ability to run global clinical trials enrolling patients in key markets to satisfy regulatory authorities in those markets. We are able to run large numbers of studies with meaningful time savings and innovative designs. We are uniquely able to access people in China who are interested in participating in studies.

Science- and Medical-Based Commercial Team

We are building one of the largest science- and medical-based oncology commercial teams.

Fit-for-Purpose Alliance Management

We have built an alliance management team with a commitment to creating alliance programs around the specific scientific, clinical, and commercial needs of each unique asset. Our teams bring to our partnerships the values of teamwork, transparent communication, and science-based, agile decision-making.

Our Partners

Working with organizations that share our patient-centric vision and our commitment to exceptional science ensures that together with our partners, we can help get treatments to those in need around the world.

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