Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection

We are committed to ensuring people can safely access our medicines when they need them. Protecting the safety, quality and integrity of our medicines at each step of the manufacturing and delivery process is critical to our mission.

Counterfeit and Other Illegitimate Medicines

Illegitimate medicines – medicines that may be counterfeit, adulterated, diverted, illegally imported or stolen – continue to pose a significant global threat to patient health. Counterfeit medicines, for example, are neither safe nor effective and can contain harmful ingredients or components. Globalization, changes in technology and the Internet have enabled counterfeiters to create counterfeit goods and introduce illegitimate medicines into the supply chain more easily.

As part of our Patients First objective and through our cross-functional, Brand Protection Working Group, BeiGene employs a range of strategies to mitigate the global threat of illegitimate medicines, including:

  • Utilization of special packaging and printing techniques, including serializing our products, so that illegitimate products are harder to manufacture and easier to detect.
  • Monitoring the Internet to identify and take action against suspicious medicine sources.
  • Supporting government agencies in identifying and prosecuting sources of illegitimate medicines.
  • Working closely with suppliers and customers to ensure our distribution channels are secure.  
  • Active membership and participation in global industry organizations fighting pharmaceutical counterfeits and other illicit activities such as the Pharmaceutical Security Institute (PSI), the Quality Brands Protection Committee (QBPC) and many others.
  • Educating our employees, supply chain business partners and the public regarding steps that can be taken to reduce these risks. 

Reporting Suspected Incidents of Counterfeiting or Other Illegitimate Medicines

Our core value at BeiGene is “Patients First” and that includes rapid response to suspected product security incidents to help protect patients from impacts of such events.

  • All suspected product security incidents involving BeiGene medicines, including allegations of counterfeiting, illegal diversion and theft, should be reported to BeiGene at

What Patients Can Do to Protect Themselves 

  • Be cautious when purchasing medicine online. Always purchase medicines from legitimate pharmacies that are licensed to operate. In the United States, Visit FDA BeSafeRx or call 1-888-463-6332 to make sure you are using a safe, legal online pharmacy.
  • Ensure that external packaging, product labeling and product inserts utilize a National Drug Code (NDC) number.
  • Pay specific attention to the presence of altered or unsealed containers or changes in the packaging of the product. Bring any differences in the physical appearance or taste of the medicine, or any unexpected side effects to the attention of your healthcare provider.

What Healthcare Professionals Can Do To Protect Patients

  • Be wary of new or unfamiliar distributors that offer products at substantially lower prices.
  • Always purchase medicines from legitimate distributors that are licensed to operate. Many of our medicines require special storage and handling, so they are only available from specific authorized distributors.
  • Familiarize yourself with the medications you prescribe or dispense to patients, paying specific attention to the presence of altered or unsealed containers or changes in the packaging of the medicine.