Dan Glorsky

Motivated by a Mission

Meet Dan! Dan is an Army veteran who was drawn to BeiGene after learning about the company’s commitment to fighting cancer. In his role, Dan supports forecasting and preparation, coordinating the global distribution of various medicines.

In 2020, after nine years in the Army, Dan was interested in joining a different industry to expand his career.

“BeiGene had a very clear mission, which is something that resonated with me,” he says. “I appreciated the goal of putting people first, wanting to help others and be part of something that was continuing to grow.”

*Dan served as a cavalry officer in the United States Army from 2011 – 2020.

Dan Glorsky

Dan was also motivated to join BeiGene because he wanted to make an impact in the cancer field. After losing his maternal grandmother to cancer in 2018, he wanted to join a company dedicated to eliminating cancer.

That passion is also how he ended up on Team BeiGene for the Marine Corps Marathon. Though an avid runner since high school, Dan has never completed a marathon before.

“In a way, this is how I am honoring my grandmother, by running and helping to raise money in this marathon for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society,” Dan notes. “It’s allowing me to give back and another reason I joined BeiGene.”

*Dan, his wife, and grandmother at his wedding.


For the last six months, Dan has been running three or four days a week to prepare for marathon day. Using an app, he’s able to track his runs and cheer on other members of Team BeiGene, finding ways to stay connected even when many colleagues are working remotely. When he’s not training, Dan contributes to the cause as a manager of Supply Chain and Logistics, working closely with his team to bring medicines to people in need.

From the Army to BeiGene, one lesson he learned along the way has been the importance of attention to detail.

“Double checking your work is critical in many situations, whether it’s in the Army and you’re helping to keep others safe, or at BeiGene ensuring that a patient is getting the right drug at the right time and place.”

*Dan running an Army 10-miler in Egypt in 2013.