Supporting Communities

We understand that cancer and other diseases not only affect patients but also their loved ones, caregivers and the communities in which they live. We are committed to supporting patients. people and communities through our science, expertise, resources, enthusiasm, and know-how to make a difference in the lives of the those who matter most.


Patient Engagement & Advocacy

Over the last several years, we have established strong relationships with patient advocacy organizations (PAOs) globally and continue to build new partnerships as we enter new geographies. These partnerships provide important patient insights that we use to inform our clinical development and commercial programs. PAOs also provide invaluable information and education programs to patient communities and medical professionals. We strive to support their efforts to elevate patient needs globally.

BeiGene has developed a three-year patient engagement and advocacy strategy detailing how we can better learn from and support patients and patient advocacy organizations. Our goal is to engage in the creation of multi-stakeholder solutions that empower patients and disrupt systemic access barriers by 2025.  We recognize that in each geography that we enter, the PAOs we partner with are different, with unique capabilities, resources, and needs that support their local patient communities. Therefore, we have also developed regional strategies in our three main geographies—North America, Europe, and APAC—to provide tailored support.

BeiGene recognizes that many patients and their caregivers need help understanding what can be very complicated diagnoses and treatment options. PAOs play a vital role in educating patients and caregivers about their diseases, available treatments, and support options. That is why BeiGene continues to sponsor and support PAO initiatives to create educational resources for patients, including educational videos, forums webinars, and fact sheets.

As part of our own patient-focused initiatives, BeiGene also launched Talk About It in late 2022, to help increase awareness around the important intersection of mental health and cancer in improving patient health outcomes. The Talk About It program will curate links to resources, including classes, webinars, materials, and support group organizations, that are being offered by BeiGene as well as our partner patient advocacy groups.

BeiGene also supports medical education and research as a means of educating healthcare professionals on our medicines, innovations in drug development, and new approaches to patient care. This includes sharing research findings at conferences and congresses as well as sponsoring scientific meetings globally.

The isolation, stress, and access issues experienced by cancer patients point us to a truth that was already self-evident within the cancer community, which is that mental healthcare matters. We conducted research in collaboration with the Cancer Support Community and found that 60 percent of individuals impacted by cancer who experience emotional distress were not referred to a mental health professional by their cancer care team, and one in five who specifically wanted mental health support did not receive it.

BeiGene believes mental health support can improve the quality of life and health outcomes for individuals impacted by cancer, so we created Talk About It. Aimed at patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and policymakers, this comprehensive program features innovative empowerment strategies, advances public policy conversations, and inspires dynamic health equity initiatives to support people throughout their entire cancer journey.

Dr. Christiane Langer, SVP, Global Media Affairs

Employee Volunteerism & Charitable Giving

We are fortunate to have many passionate colleagues who give their time and resources to support cancer-related causes. Every year, many of our colleagues participate in walks, runs, and bike rides that helped raise money for various diseases. We are proud to be a national sponsor of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night in the U.S. 

We support employee volunteerism and have piloted a new employee volunteerism initiative in the U.S. in 2022. Colleagues received one day of paid time off to volunteer for a cause they care about and rolled this program out globally in early 2023.

BeiGene Supports Rare Cancers Australia in 2022 Kosi Challenge

In March, Team BeiGene climbed Australia’s highest peak, Mount Kosciusko, as part of the 10th annual Kosi Challenge, an event hosted by Rare Cancers Australia (RCA) to raise awareness and funds for the over 52,000 Australians diagnosed with a rare and less common cancer each year. One hundred percent of the funds raised go towards RCA’s work with government, clinicians, and industry leaders to make certain that these cancers, of which there are over 200, will not be ignored.

Community Goal

Engage employees in 10,000 hours of global volunteerism in 2023.

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